when you know somethings completly awesome and there are no words to describe it, so you just say BLADOW
OLY 2K5 table was BLADOW. playaaaa 10.4 yoo
ab dm ak aj ht hc rf al ag mb sm rs lc ba sf biggums
by ABREN November 27, 2005
Top Definition
when you know you just did something completely amazing OR got something SO right.... and you want everyone to know about it. you're the shit and basically, thats all there is to it.
"I just got a hole-in-one...bladow!"

"uhh no Jack, the capital of Washington is NOT BRAZIL. Its Olympia. BLADOW.
by siri December 09, 2004
An onomatopoeic word. An explosive sound. Used to express excitement or dominance.
When my favorite football team scored that touchdown, I jumped up and yelled "BLADOW, sucka!"
by shadow sucka March 05, 2009
When you see a fine ass honey, and she can only be a real fine ass honey, you give her the once over and then just say... bladow.
damn....bladow. its like whoa
by Reyn Soul November 19, 2004
A hand gesture used daily on Jerry Springer and Sally where the guest shows his or her hand to the audience as if to say inbreeding is ok.
Usually accompanied by talk to the hand.
My daughter is out of control sally she bladows the neighbors her father the cat. Please help her.
Well here she is latisha. Lets give her a makeover.
by noodles the cat October 23, 2003
When, during sex, a man ejaculates into his hand and before his partner realizes he throws the contents in a quick motion onto them and shouts BLADOW!
"See that girl at the bar, i'm gonna bladow her later"

"Ugh, I was totally bladowed last night....."
by Ruggles July 27, 2009
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