That guy (your ex/treats you like crap) who you can't resist a booty-call from. (From Community S03E15)
Sorry guys, have to break our plans. Blade texted me....
by Bladelover November 23, 2012
homosexual, short for gayblade
Get your hand out of my pocket, blade!
by Clancy January 20, 2004
a sharp implement carried by towinies to flash around lookin 'ard

usually a penknife
dont make me blade ya!
back up!
by Xavier Letouvre December 14, 2003
A cruel game where a frisbee is thown high in the air at a steepe angle and must be caught with one hand. And if missed the player must lay down and not move while a disc is thrown at them.
Dude wanna play blade?
Blade is balls man, hell yes!
by Disc3343 May 08, 2005
A strange boy that is white and belives he is black. He only answered to blade.
Hey Blade!.....What?......Just checking.
by BrandonK November 27, 2006
A member of Group X.
"Hey Blade, listen to thait."
by will May 24, 2004
A Sucka;Sucker
that foo over there is a blade or what a blade
by dont trip November 24, 2003
Movie starring Wesley Sniper...errr Snipes.
by Neo March 23, 2003

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