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1. a kick ass movie starring welsey snipes as a vampire that goes around slicin' n dicin' evryone vampire in his path, his only goal in life is to kill all vampires... he was born half human half vampire w/ all of vampire strengths and none of their weaknesses except the thirst for human blood he is also known as a daywalker
2.a sword
if i ever met blade in my life i would run like hell so he wouldn't kick my ass and suck my blood
i just got a blade in my medulla oblongota
by reppindabayouttacali March 23, 2007
the besest state in the enitre fucking united states all you haters out there just jealous. we have the terminator as our governor too. everybody says that california is a pussy state which is complete bullshit cuz california has ghettos all over the place such as south central, oakland, richmond, and hella crips live in california, california is not the safest place to live cuz many people do get shot and ppl just bitch cuz they wish they had as many og's as we do. we got our own style of rap..the best type of rap there is i might say actually, its hyphy for all you dumbasses we got the the thizzle dance and we just go stewie in califoolya (nickname) grows the most food of any state, the state 2pac moved to and then wrote a song about how sick it is, most people cant keep up with us cuz we r too advanced for u and could become our own country if we wanted to and kick ur sorry little asses but we pity you, the best basketball players come out from california while the best football players come out of texas, some parts are pretty expensive yea, the gas is the most expensive shit in the world, but still an awesome state, probably THE most diverse state as well.
A crip from California shot a blood that came to California tryin' to do tha crip walk

A fine ass beezy just moved here from California
by reppindabayouttacali March 21, 2007
people that "supposedly protect you" yea maybe to all the white boys out der but not to black niggas they pull us over if we be drivin in a fly ass car, like to take us out of our car and beat the shit out of us for the reason we are black, take us to jail for no reason and will shoot you if you r colored, just recently some colored kid was shot by a sheriff mothafuckas!!!!
police are racist motherfuckers that don't trust a nigga for their life and shoot us on sight so fuck 'em
by reppindabayouttacali March 19, 2007

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