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Negative reaction from black people after a racist comment.

Kramer: "Fifty years ago we'd have stuck a pitchfork up your ass, nigger."

Black Guy: "Cracker, I'm calling Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson."

Bystander: "Kramer better watch out for the blacklash."
by ri0t November 25, 2006
Dicontentment @ the rate of change expressed by voters who voted for an african-american candidate
The president's approval rating reached a new low due to the blacklash from failed action on campaign promises.
by Daniel D Daniels January 21, 2009
1) When the media generates a firestorm trying to create a racial frenzy by manipulation of facts to fit a false narrative they wish to purvey.

2) When black "leaders" blow something out of proportion or create racial tension and strife where there was little or none to be found.

3) When blacks find any opportunity to be offended so they can attack whites and loot businesses before they burn a city to the ground.
"Did you see the Latino guy that protected himself from the black guy that attacked him because he thought the black guy was up to no good?"

"Yup. They are gonna make it a racial thing, blaming it on whitey again so they can tear things up and instill more fear on white Americans like the terrorists they are. They will make sure the Blacklash will be nationwide this time. "
by booyahkasha March 25, 2012
when a brotha or sista dis's / abuses someone (not of their race's )or their accomplishment
Kanye's "blacklash" at Taylor Swift award.
by big poppy d September 14, 2009

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