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screaming, going off, yelling
Yo, after she found out i cheated on her, she started blacking.
by Main man Chris February 02, 2009
37 17
The art of stealing rims.
when dat nigga Jon gotta pay his child support he goes blacking. Niggaz pay a lot fo' rims and niggaz love rims.
by McClaytonRolls April 19, 2008
11 19
to exist as a black person
Sean kind of annoys me because he's always blacking around.
by Sergeant Gortman June 07, 2007
12 27
V. To be lying; to be kidding.
Man 1: So, I finally asked her out and she said 'yes'.
Man 2: Are you blacking me, she's way out of your league!
Man 1: Naw, man. I would never black you.
by Across the Boarder February 27, 2007
5 20
Lifting weights or working out with weights
Are you going to do some blacking today at the gym?
by blah1234321 July 19, 2008
0 19