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The act of regaining consciousness for a brief period of time while inebriated, before blacking out again.
Oh man, last night I blacked in when I was drunk dialing my boss.
by Lilly Lamore October 05, 2010

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v. Black In: To only be lucid in parts of specified period of time.

Blacking In: parts of the evening when one comes out of a black out for a brief period of lucidity, and your brain begins to record and process information again. Usually followed by another period of blacking out.
So suddenly I blacked in, and I was in this hotel room with 2 naked chicks. I looked in the mirror and i said to my brain "Please, please, PLEASE!!!, DO NOT black out again!!!"
by WantedX February 08, 2010
I was blacked out from drinking, something serious happened and I blacked in.
I was blacked out last night but I Blacked In as soon as I got the call my friend was passed out in the middle of the street
by SmacmastR November 28, 2010