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The act of a person of another race speaking with an accent they believe blacks speak with.
The way Justin Timberlake speaks when he’s not on “Punked”

See also Christina Aguilera and Pink
by Laz January 28, 2004
When a black or while person drops syllables to suit the crowd in which they speak.
Peter to his friend John, "Why hello good friend. Did you enjoy your trip to the museum?"

Peter to his friend Tyrone, "Yo dawg, I can't believe da shit dats happenin in these streets."

Peter only uses his black-cent when talking to Tyrone.
by jillnaynay September 26, 2011
The smell of a black person.
Justin Timberlake: (sniff sniff) . . . . .What's that smell? It smells like coconut. . . .No wait, it smells like popcorn butter.

Pink: (shaking her head) Dude, that's blackcent. Black people smell like that from rubbing cocoa butter lotion on their ashy skin.

Eminem: (nodding his head) Ahhhhhhh! I've been trying to figure that out for years!
by sjte5409 January 14, 2011
Ebonics;The tongue that white boys use when attempting to pass off as africans.
eminem...thats it...just eminem.
by 2MDUB January 01, 2004
the accent of a black person; usually referred to as ebonics; ghetto speak
I'm sorry sir, I couldn't understand your blackcent. Could you please repeat that?
by M@re Be@r April 22, 2011
An accent which suggests that a person is either black, identifies as being black, or aspires to be identified as black. It is a distinctive manner of pronunciation independent of geographical area. A person who speaks with a blackcent is not necessarily black. All people who are black do not speak with a blackcent.

The acknowledgement of a blackcent is not intended to be racist, simply an observation of the evolution of the linguistics of american english. It's all good people!
Justin Timberlake (for example) had a slight blackcent.
by charmgirl September 06, 2009
The accent a white person has when talking to black people, when they hang out with black people often.
Justin Timberlake has a blackcent.
by joe725 February 18, 2008
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