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attempt for steve to feel important in life...
steve: hey guys did you read my definition of black.ninja on urbandictionary.com?
Heterosexual male #1: no who the hell are you
Heterosexual male #2: faggot
by Steve is a Faggot November 18, 2004
black ninja is the remnants of roaches stuck in a freezer bag. After you take out and smoke all the roaches there is a black substance at the bottom of the bag. This is called black ninja. Because it's black and it kick's your ass like a ninja.
Dude, take out some of that black ninja and sprinkle it on top. It'll get us really high.
by Dugan May 06, 2005
extreme backside, with an attitude to back it up. She saves lives by day, and cooks at night. the most ghetto gurl in beaverton. Leave her ranch on the doorstep, and she will leave you alone. like a boogie monster she is. she is fANHtastic.
black.ninja moves in slow motion in the halls.
by steve November 03, 2004