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to masterbate or ejaculate to black people
My friend johnny really has a thing for black chicks, he bought a copy of hot chocolate magizine and a tube of vasoline at the conviance store and procided to imediatly go into the bathroom and black off.
by LMxDurgex December 24, 2008
When you masturbate while black out drunk. It's actually quite enjoyable.
Example of a blackoff:

Timothy, "Man after drinking two four lokos last night I blackedoff"

Maroney, "How did you know?"

Timothy, "Well, I woke up with my pants around my ankles and jizz all over my stomach."
by Arthur Rhodes December 04, 2010
A contest between two or more people to find who is the most black (even if some or all participents have white skin)
White man: I'm more black than you

Black man: No, you've got white skin.

Person 3: "BLACK OFF"
To masturbate whilst so terribly inebriated one experiences memory loss
billy: what does mr. idelpants do after a cocktail or six?

charles: he enjoys locking himself in his room so he can black off.
by the whirling dirvish April 24, 2010
A slight variation on 'back off'.

When one of your white friends misappropriates black culture/slang to the point of annoyance on your part, you have the option of telling them to 'black off'.
Your friend: "Yo whatup my doggy nizzle"

Your response: "Black off"
by Tommoyo December 04, 2007
To go off with someone else.
"He went off with his other mates, he's a black off!"
by Dicky Brown September 26, 2007
A black girl/woman with a fat ass.(booty).
look at that ass , so got a blackoff blud.
by KACI 7777jh June 24, 2005

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