"C'mon over hea baby, lemme give my sugar mama some BLACK MAGIC."
"Ohhh, yeeeeeeaaahhh."
by Chingo Bolamongo October 09, 2006
Top Definition
Black magic is an ancient art of magic that dates back to the dawn of mankind's questional ability to psychic powers and domination of others through incantation.

Black magic's main use is to hurt others that the sorcerer deems unworthy, inhuman, and in need of pain through psychic visualisation and realisation of Universal law and movement along with group incantation.

It can found to be used without incantation. Incantation was a form used by people in group settings so that magic could multiply among its users.

When one uses black magic the pain brought back to the caster of the spell uses inflicts damage that is twice as worse upon themselves.

This is why a dark wizard must be a very very very cold hearted bastard and not care about anyone or anything around them, even their own life.
My mom lost her job after I cursed a female I hated. Funny enough, Nikki lost her job too.
by Kamisama May 22, 2005
n. The best athlete on a team, usually black.
Black magic so fast, very afrodynamic.
by Zakopolis December 31, 2010
1) using spells or psychic abilities to manipulate the powers of the universe to serve your own interests. Frowned on by most people since sometimes involves hurting somebody else or you will get you wanted but it will come true in a way you didn't expect or have bad consequences that come with it
2) A fancy brand of chocolate
3) A brand of "smokeable incense", along with "Spice", "K2", or "Happy Hour". These blends are now illegal in most civilized places.
4) old school Slayer song
5) great sex with a handsome black man
1) Stacey tried a black magic spell her grandmother showed her and several weeks later the girl who was bullying her was killed in a brutal car accident
2) I got my girlfriend a box of Black Magic, she better give me some later.
3) One hit of that black magic and I feel very weird
4) Slayer played their song "Black Magic" and the crowd went apeshit
5) While most white boys were okay in bed, the only thing that could truly satasfy Katie was some of Shemar's black magic
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 20, 2013
Term used by the late great Rick James referring to Charlie Murphy's "Darkness" (pre-Wesley Snipes era). Someone who has this trait is of an unexplainably dark complexion. David Ortiz on steroids is also an acceptable example of "Black Magic".
"Darkness, you evil mothafucka, you as cold as ice, black magic..... Fuck yo couch nigga!"
by Dontarrious Jackson June 25, 2005
Mixture of Cocaine and LSD
I did some Black Magic the other night it was fucking INSANE
by DTMxLLC August 06, 2008
A black guy who after an allotted period of time is blessed by magic and then has the ability to not only get anything right but also to have everything go well for him.
Corey, or as he is known now, Black Magic or Magiko Negro, was given Black Magic in Spanish Class, causing him to now become a kind of hero or awesome god of said classroom. His new catchphrase became "I've got that magic" and a theme song created for him went "I've got the magic in me, and every time I touch that track it turns to black"
by The Porcupine January 24, 2014
A term used to describe magic used for bad intentions. The magic itself is not black/evil/bad or white/holy/good. Magic is as evil or saintly as gravity. The intent of the person casting the magic is what makes it good or bad, or somewhere within a gray area.
"I think a witch used black magic on me to give me bad dreams."
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 22, 2008

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