a black skateboarder who speaks good spanish and hangs mostly with spanish people and smokes alot of weed
"Damn who's that black high ass skateboarder hanging with those spics"..."Oh thats just black magic he kool!"
by j - zon April 15, 2009
Baldness and the sexual attraction to the opposite sex that comes from being bald.
Hey, look at thay bald guy over there! He's sexy!
by Blackmagic December 30, 2003
Black Magic is a brand of griptape. It's really strong as really durable, which is why many consider is the best of it's kind. The griptape is only comes in the color black, and it retails for about $6 USD.
Skater 1: Damn, my griptape is peeling off again...
Skater 2: Ha, I haven't had to replace mine yet!
Skater 1: ...You must not skate very often...
Skater 2: No, I have Black Magic on it!
by Aith March 17, 2006
"C'mon over hea baby, lemme give my sugar mama some BLACK MAGIC."
"Ohhh, yeeeeeeaaahhh."
by Chingo Bolamongo October 09, 2006
New Zealand's winning America's cup boat! ..HoLLeR!!
America's cup is still New Zealands cup!
Black Magic wins again
by Emtee December 07, 2003
A Negative Slang Word Meaning "A Black Man"
you as cold as ice you black magic!
by Chappelle March 24, 2005
Game where you take a flat piece of paper and with your hand, try to float the piece of paper around without dropping it.
Yo, Mr. Sochalski, want to play Black Magic dawg?
by Sam Nizzle September 26, 2003

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