A manner of speaking indicative of the stereotypical African American (or someone trying sound as such).
Not to be confused with slang, the blaccent is identified by the way words are prounounced...not the words themselves.

Me: I called customer service and the African American gentleman was very helpful.

Friend: How do you know he was African American?

Me: He spoke with a blaccent.
by SKiTz The Gemini October 04, 2007
Top Definition
A distinctive manner of speech, pitch or tone particular to African American urban inner city youth.
Sean tried to immerse himself in WASP-y country club culture, but his blaccent gave him away every time.
by Reetu November 09, 2006
whites or anyone besides black folks who speak in the "urban style of rappers" and such, when they are around black folks, or around others like themselves. See Justin Timberlake. Also speaking with a black accent.
That wigga be speakin with his blaccent around Nosmo King.
by timbuktu January 25, 2004
Blaccents are by definition those types of easily distinguishable aftermarket automotive accessories that are readily endorsed by the urban African-American culture of the United States. Typically manufactured from chrome or other shiny metallic materials, these pieces of urban-flare denote socioeconomic status, individuality and a social hierarchy within the community at large.
Blaccents include accessories such as "Rimblems", "Bro-Rims", Chrome Fender and Wheel-Well accents, non-functional Metalic Fender Vents and Chrome or otherwise Shiny-Metalic Badging or edging.
by Rob.M June 20, 2011
One's impersonation of an African-American or an African-American's voice.
Racist Asshole: Yo, wassup my nigguhz.

Guy 2: That's a really bad blaccent, man. You could get your ass kicked.

Example 2:

Guy 1: Hey, I've been really working hard on my blaccent. I could pass for a black person over the phone.
by GregJennings January 23, 2011
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