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Burger King Crown. Physically, it's the cardboard crowns you can get at the BK for kids.

Some gamers will wear their BKC whilst playing online in order to give themselves a psychological boost and therefore unfair advantage, much like a performance enhancing drug.

Used as an expression of winning. The guy wearing the crown is the king and current champion. Often this substituted for a championship belt for financial reasons.
I was playing BF Heroes yesterday and I won! BKC FTW!
by supermomo November 04, 2009
Main Entry: B.K.C
Function: Noun.
1. Orginally stood for a group known as the Brass Knuckles Crew.
2. Boys Kissing Club. This term was created to taunt the memebers of the Brass Knuckles club; and is used to describe things when they are being considered "gay".
1. He's a memember of the B.K.C

2. -sarcasticly- He SO belongs in the B.K.C he is such a faggot.
by Candy. February 06, 2006
Abbreviation for Burger king car slut. A woman who will go down on you for a whooper, anything for a whooper with cheese. Invented in 2010.
"Hey Murph checkout that bkcs"
by william1989 September 04, 2011