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bizes= bises = bisous = kisses in english

when someone says bizes, they generally mean goodnight or goodbye, like a farewell thing. (also airkisses on cheeks)

(franglish 101)
Kid 1: hey i'm peacin!
Kid 2: bizes

(air kisses each cheek)
by franglish monstre April 12, 2010
Weed, Kryptonite, byzle, kato. Any form of marijuana, originally derived from the word 'bowl'.
"Yo cuzzin, you got that bize? Lemme holla at them shits."
by Tricky Fritz January 25, 2006
1. (n) a person, place, or thing that relates to being frooty and/or strange in terms of the Eightfold Path; originally derived from the slang form of the derogatory term bitch
2. (adj) of or relating to a queer sighting or trippy understanding of something, usually a perfect description for those that just don't belong
3. (n) a dry cold north wind in southeastern France
"What if people could learn how to read through eating alphabet soup guys!?!?!?!?!!"
"Shaddap, bize. Everything that comes out of your mouth just screams, 'bize, eat my shorts por favor!'"
by Bjork Hogarth July 17, 2006
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