Hesitant, afraid to ask, insecure, afraid to intrude, afraid of rejection
By any bizarre twist of fate, would you go out with me?
by bagitbabe May 15, 2008

similar to any of the following:
justin verratti, goon(ish / y), grotesque, weird, fucking queer*, outrageous
justin youve been exceptionally bizarre today.
by ryangeorge June 01, 2011
(N.) A fat-fucker who raps in Eminem's D12. He really is the only one in d12 people even know ('I'm the most popularest one in da group.") He raps (Talks real slowly) about having sex with relatives and doing lewd acts while people watch him.
Bizarre's is the only part in "My Band" that I like. Damn, Eminem has gotten corny as shit!
by G-Union May 04, 2004
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