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Noun. Masc. Eng.

Plural: Siros

Pronunciation: "Sigh-roh."

A subject of the Syrian Siroscapy, sometimes disguised as an accountant by day but always a Siro by night. A mildly intelligent being, rich in humour and lacking no wit. The Siro is also often a man gifted in the art of football.

Origin: 2010- 2011; Middle English; Wise Lordian.

Fem Equiv: Sira, Siras
Did you leave your computer at home Siro?, And now at 8 bells 40 you have only just realised Siro? You are such a Siro, what a Siro..."
by King Friendy June 20, 2011
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Where you mate gets all serious on you when you're just joking around. You're be giving them a wedgie and they'll start whinging and be like 'ERRSTOPDOINGTHATIT'SANNOYINGGGG!'
He just chucked the biggest siro ever.
by lol--moogie June 08, 2007
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