Top Definition
1. Used to describe someone wearing formal business attire with a hint of awesomeness.

2. Used to describe an outfit that is simply awesome. It is much better than swag.
1. "That Spanish teacher is looking pretty biz-nasty today."

2. "Your suit is classy and awesome. I'd even say... it's biz-nasty."
by Gustavo White November 13, 2013
Cumming into a paper bag and then placing it over a female partners head, then lighting said bag on fire.
"I got the Biz Nasty!"

"Yeah, it's in your hair."
by FuckMuncher12312312 December 29, 2012
hurting; beating someone up, or having really good sex
i gave that boy the biznasty.
me and your gurl did the biznasty.
by lp miramontes October 01, 2003
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