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when people are in the water they say biv if there is a booger in view
hey buddy, you got a biv hanging loose!
by markkie June 01, 2003
In a gay relationship, a Biv is the one in the relationship who would take the bottom half in bed. Taken from the ROY G BIV acronym used when describing rainbows.
Lorne is totally the Biv in that relationship. He's so fem, you know Skyler rides that nightly.
by Skatchmo January 16, 2009
A shortened name or code word for a vibrator. Used when you do not want anyone to know that you plan to use a vibrator on or with your partner, be it male or female. Derived by taking the first 3 letters, V, I and B an flipping them around.
Hey Marcy, whip out Biv right now and lets ding.
by Chupa March 29, 2005