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This is another way of saying bitch when it isn't intended to be quite as offensive. Bitz is said in reference to someone in either a joking manner or when one is afraid to actually say bitch. You are less likely to offend or piss off someone this way.
Your girlfriend forgot to give me a ride home from work. Dumb bitz.
by Paco August 04, 2005
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In table top wargaming and miniature conversion, the term for spare pieces of multiple modeling kits. Often seen as non-essential, decorative or "counts as" items. Term made popular by Game Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer: 40,000, as per "Ork Speech"
I had to use chaos bitz on my imperial figure just to make it look gritty.
by tannaraz April 10, 2010
another name for bitch
sup bitz!
by MATT July 02, 2003
How ghetto people say bitch.
John: What is that bitches name?
Lamont: We in da ghetto, she be a bitz.
by nickstertheslickster August 12, 2009
Another word used for bitch. origanated in Ocean City, Maryland by Dport. Often used by the members of the Goon Squad. This word as gotten very popular to people that smoke weed and get gnarly.
"yer such a fuggin bitz."
by goonsquadmascot. December 28, 2009
A conjunction of bimbo and ditz. Can be either a klutz or slut.
Lets go to her house.

Nah, shes the biggest bitz.
by Nods January 17, 2007
in a bit, bye, see yarrrrrrr
alright im off now, bitzzz!
by aaaaaanna August 10, 2007

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