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Attractive but repulsive. proclaimed by kanye west. the girl you want to be with even though you cant stand to be around her ass.
My girls bitter sweet. She's a bitch but, I want to be with her.
by Mazeetwazaad October 01, 2007
when something is good but there is a bad part about it
When I learned I won the contest I felt bittersweet knowing I beat out my best friend who wanted to win more than me.
by theZimbu August 01, 2005
mixture of two opposing feelings. one which is good and the other which is bad. such as pleasure and pain. it may be pleasurable but yet cause pain or discomfort.
Mike and I have a bittersweet relationship. The sex is awesome but besides that we don't have any connection.
by Caramelcocohoney September 18, 2005
Love-hate type situation, having equal pros and cons.
My relationship with Adrian is bittersweet.
by Kelera March 18, 2006
A clear example of an oxymoron; when something tastes good, but also tastes bad; when a thought or feeling is good and bad/happy and sad/smiley and frowny, etc.
Joe sighed, remembering only bittersweet memories.
by LacunaCoil April 14, 2009
a love hate relationship
you love some part of it and hate some part of it
collage-you love the new place but hate not seeing your friends and family which is an example of bittersweet
by chebro August 24, 2008
A situation that is both "bitter" (sucks) and "sweet" (awesome) at the same time.
This morning was bittersweet. I had sex this morning, but I was 30 minutes late to work.
by CreateNew January 12, 2012