A man who is such an unbelievable pussy that he is even worse than a bitch.
Paul: Did you see Tony cry and beg for that girl to stay with him after she cheated on him?
Seth: Yeah dude... what a bith.
by Killacoocoo December 27, 2012
Top Definition
To ejaculate prematurely, usually in a humorous manor.
That girl was so hot, she made me bith.
by persona September 19, 2005
When you want to use the word with but make it seem so much cooler.
I'm going to be there bith bells on! (see how much more intense and exciting it sounds with bith)
by bctrashh May 29, 2012
bitch only way, way funnier. also, a nickname for tedage.
you are such a heinous bith.
by spork-girl November 26, 2006
A short word for bitch. Or if to much of a wuss to say bitch
My wife is such a bith... she wont let me go near any beerhouses
by killerm September 11, 2007
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