Sex slang
to bite ones dick off and feed it to them
I'm so gonna bitebite Jack.
#bitebite #cockbiting #dicknibbling #cock #dick
by Jack Peterson October 24, 2006
Top Definition
Food, typically associated with the meals of brunch or breakfast, that is of high quality, typically rich in flavor, healthful, and generally diminutive portion size. Although it can be used in the idiomatic expression "to grab a bite-bite," it is more typically used to describe the offerings of a restaurant -- usually to make a distinction between this type of food and typical greasy spoon diner fare.

Chiefly Midwestern.
"You guys should check out the new French-style cafe in my neighborhood. They have coffee there, AND bite-bites."
#morsels #nosh #greasy spoon #brunch #bite bite #byte-byte
by milesmonroe October 12, 2011
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