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one who is deliberatly a biotch when it is cleary not nesscessary. they believe that they rule the world when in truth they suck balls.
there is always that one bitchwad at any given school.
by Mouhammod Smith July 10, 2008
An excessively bitchy person, generally a woman.

See also bitch, ho bag.
"You are such a bitchwad."
"Dude, that bitchwad tried to rule me."
"What a bitchwad."
by Zenzirouj September 23, 2003
Someone who is so utterly vulgur and mean (i.e.Lauren Shulz) That they could not be described with bitch or wad, but only bitchwad because neither one would be able to describe how bitchy this person is.
That hairy bitchwad smells like a 30 gallon tank of body odor with poop sharks swimming around in it.
by Bothersome April 08, 2004