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Paired with shlatitude, makes up the series of vertical and horizontal lines used to map the surface of my enormous penis.

See shlong, shlength
"The vast enormity of my penis is most noticable at shlongitude 27 81 N, shlatitude 11 53 W."
by Zenzirouj February 24, 2004
An excessively bitchy person, generally a woman.

See also bitch, ho bag.
"You are such a bitchwad."
"Dude, that bitchwad tried to rule me."
"What a bitchwad."
by Zenzirouj September 23, 2003
The length of a shlong.

See shlong, shlongitude
My shlength is the standard for Astronomical Units.
by Zenzirouj February 24, 2004
The most bad-ass, Vin Diesel guy to ever grace the earth with his presence.
You shall fear Zenzirouj, and you shall love Zenzirouj. Praise be to Zenzirouj.
by Zenzirouj October 21, 2003

See: prima donna
God, I hate Julia Roberts.
by Zenzirouj October 21, 2003

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