the small bag lining a bin inside a stall in a women's bathroom that gets filled up with tampons and rum bottles over the course of a day
I found an empty rum bottle and a used tampon in that bitchsack.
by mjtt May 07, 2012
Top Definition
A person who is so annoying that you would rather be bitch slapped in the scrotum than have a conversation with them.
I can't even be in the same room with that bitchsack.
by Slappin' bitches January 03, 2006
-When someone is a literal sack full of bitchness

-A very offensive thing to call someone when they wont stop being a lil bitch
Girl: OMG, why can't you be more like him?! why don't you buy me stuff and give me the things I ask for?!

Guy: Holy crap.... can you please shut up and stop being such a bitch sack?
by iPepe December 08, 2014

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