Another word for cool; awesome.
Lauren: YES! I'm getting out of school early!

Taylor: Man, that's bitchin
by bill magill May 10, 2010
Those cookies were bitchin!
by madswagmoney March 20, 2016
fuckin awesome. cool. tittin
dude, look at that statue!
thats BITCHIN!
i wish i were that bitchin...
by momma zo April 15, 2008
really cool. awesome.

"damn girl, thats one bitchin outfit!"
by homiegirl April 28, 2003
1. Cool, awesome, sick, ill.

2. A person who complains alot.

3. A person who says things about someone else behind their back.
1. Fuck, your ride is bitchin', man.

2. Quit your bitchin', Joe, and clean your room.

3. Stop bitchin' about your sister, Louise.
by getrealmofo February 18, 2010
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