a synonym for aweshome and conotes badass
damn! that concert was so bitchin'
by macs babymomma October 26, 2011
1. complainin, wont shut up
2. is whats good
1. My girl keeps bitchin at me
2. Hit me up, cells bitchin!!
by miiiiikeeeee April 21, 2008
totally fucking bad ass and cool.
Spartacus is a bitchin name for a hamster.
by Miranda121212 July 01, 2011
A compliment, approving of something.
That party at Kyle's house last week was bitchin.
by tiika : ) December 04, 2006

*dont try too hard, or this wordll fall flat..just let it come..,
omg that party was so bitchin!
by dtown89 December 16, 2008
great, fantastic, amazing. Used to covney the greatness of the subject
that is one totally bitchin' mug
this tea is bitchin'
by twix+ May 15, 2010
Another word for cool; awesome.
Lauren: YES! I'm getting out of school early!

Taylor: Man, that's bitchin
by bill magill May 10, 2010

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