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A transsexual male, thus being both a bitch and having a cock. Incredibly derogatory, usually used as an insult that is not quite true.
"She is a bitchcock."
"That would explain why her boyfriend is bisexual"
"I hope she has an assplosion."
by TheOneTrueMango November 21, 2006
A prettyboy jock dudebro who is overly sensitive or emotional, and usually prone to panic attacks consisting of high-pitched screams.

Stop hyperventilating, you bitchcock, it's only a spider!
by the orange fairy April 06, 2007
a little dwarf woman that has enormous penis, perhaps the size of whale, and uses it to whip people into submission
shes a fucking bitch cock. i fucking hate her. bitch!
by JD December 19, 2003
1. A large penis-like clitoris
I sword fight, but it's totally hetero. It's with my wife's bitchcock.
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010
A little bitch who tends to lose at inter-house beverage consuming competitions, and or life. Most commonly used to describe a member of 106 bromfield.
Hey, Mr. Bacow would you say Scott is a huge Bitchcock? Yes. I could not agree more.
by Dearborn_Champs December 05, 2010
A word that I invented back in 1999.

A bitchcock is a whining little rooster who's in need of decapitation. The farmer kills the rooster. Take that BITCH!!!
Bitchcock: "wah wah wah, *cough*, *clear*, I want things my way"

Man: Bitchcock.
by Prometh March 30, 2011
a form of female cock
david reid
by tony with a T February 13, 2003

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