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1. To bitch about someone nastily in your blog. Usually used when extremely pissed off with a person.

2. To be used on someone who never stops ranting and ranting and just wouldn't shut up even though you don't even care about his/her problems. Great way to tell them to shut up politely.
1. "That skank totally ruined my day! I'm sooooo gonna bitchblog about her as soon as I get home."

2. Girl A: Seriously, I've never been so pissed off in my life! That bitch totally kissed my boyfriend in front of me! And-

Girl B: Yeah? Well, you should bitchblog about her.

Girl A: Yeah, I totally should! Everyone must know about this scandal.
#bitchblog #bitch #blog #online journal #bitching
by etterorua January 13, 2009
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