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To get distracted for a while halfway while you're doing something.
"Have you finished that research yet?"

"SHIT! I got sidetracked! Been playing Club Penguin all this while."
by etterorua January 14, 2009
1. To bitch about someone nastily in your blog. Usually used when extremely pissed off with a person.

2. To be used on someone who never stops ranting and ranting and just wouldn't shut up even though you don't even care about his/her problems. Great way to tell them to shut up politely.
1. "That skank totally ruined my day! I'm sooooo gonna bitchblog about her as soon as I get home."

2. Girl A: Seriously, I've never been so pissed off in my life! That bitch totally kissed my boyfriend in front of me! And-

Girl B: Yeah? Well, you should bitchblog about her.

Girl A: Yeah, I totally should! Everyone must know about this scandal.
by etterorua January 13, 2009
Lack of an original opinion about something.

Used only on people who don't seem to have an opinion of their own and/or sense of originality.
"And he totally just copied and pasted the whole 'What Is Love' thing from another website onto his own blog, trying to act all sentimental and stuff."

"What a total opinion deprived sad fuck."
by etterorua January 14, 2009
To spam your blog with many posts in one day.

"I used to spam-post up to 4/5 posts a day."

"K, I'm spam-posting here, sue me." - Taken from anonymous blog

"You know one of the posts I spam-posted yesterday? Yeah, I was bitchblogging about her."
by etterorua January 19, 2009
To bitchblog about someone nastily

"I bitchblogged about her yesterday. Today, I'm bitchblogging about him."
by etterorua January 19, 2009

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