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a person being used by someone else purely for the purpose of having their complaints heard
daz: whyd she call?
adza: she was just using me as her bitch wall so i hung up on her
by dazbang December 20, 2009
A defense mechanism for women where they give a guy the cold shoulder without giving him a chance. A woman rejects a man based on superficial characteristics and refuses to be nice and get to know him.
He tried to talk to me, but his eyebrows were too thick and ugly so I put my bitch wall up.
by Jay Rocher December 28, 2011
1. An uber bitch, punk, or asshole.
2. A corpulent bitch, punk, or asshole.

History: Originally blurted out at random by someone, then adopted to mean someone who is not just a bitch, but a whole wall worth of bitch.
Get out of my face, bitchwall.
by The Bikeyorph November 04, 2004
the act of acting like a bitch whenever someone is trying to explain something.
michael: yeah babe,i know what happened.

michael's gf : blabbing on the phone.

me:dude,what the hell is going on?

michael: nothing,she has her bitch wall up.
by GettingSerious April 09, 2011
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