A drinking game which involves consuming 26 oz. of alcohol mixed with a weak drink, such as Margarita or Daquiri mix, and racing to see who can finish their "bucket" first.
Man, Pete and Todd were so wiped after bitch bucket.
by Counse July 20, 2006
Top Definition
a small, generally convertible, generally vw cabrio, type car with a generally blonde bitch driving it talking on her cell phone while putting her make up on
i was nearly hit by some bitch bucket today
by me. October 25, 2003
1. Person/ Or Persons so full of bitchism that they aren't even aware.

2. A bucket full of bitch.
1. When someones being a mega bitch, you would proceed with calling them a Bitchbucket.

2. Drake was just rambling on about some bimbo and a booty call trying to play the pimp, but everyone knows he's just a fuckin' bucket full of bitch.
by SturfNVanTil January 26, 2010
A metal bucket or object for leaving consumer complaints.
cindy had hair in her burger so she left her message in the bitch bucket.
by skooterpop January 02, 2015

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