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A nigga whos cant defend ones self when needed to or lets his friends and family get beat up so he wont.
Man,i got my ass beat because that bitch ass nigga Sam didnt have my back
by Rodney Edwards August 13, 2006
188 127
a nigga who thinks he is more than what he actually is, that whines and is a little girl and gets scared easily. Relies on other people.
"Yo,look at that bitch ass nigga sucking all there dicks."
by Jonny Boss November 19, 2005
157 109
a gump, punk in nature, part sissy, and soft as a creampuff. Couldnt bust a grape in a fruit fight.
Where are we going?

To pick up Vaughn and nem'.

Man, I hate rollin' wit' them bitchass niggas.

E'ry time we go out with them some shit go down, and them bitchass niggas always in the way, or got somethin to do wit it. I don't even wanna roll no mo'. Just drop me off up over here on B-Way. Fuck this shit. You keep hangin out with them niggas you gone be a bitchas nigga too Qwan.
50 8
A Person, usually male, with no potential of ever becoming a real ass nigga. the middle ground of this being bitch nigga, where said individual has the potential to be a real nigga, but has bitch ass nigga tendencies.

A bitch ass nigga will never, ever, become a real nigga, and is thouroughly set in their bitch ass nigga ways.
Real Ass Nigga: I used to buy weed from Weston Stantz..have you heard from him lately?

Real Ass Nigga2: No, I heard he went from bitch nigga status to full blown Bitch Ass Nigga.. I don't fuck with him anymore.

Real Ass Nigga: Fail.
by A Marie D October 02, 2010
64 31
A grown-ass man who doesn't understand that his wife comes before his mother. A grown-ass man who, when called on his shit or caught dead wrong in his shit, can't man up and be honest with his wife. A grown-ass man who thinks that he can fuck with people's emotions and not suffer consequences.
Bitch ass nigga wasn't mad that I called the bitch he's fucking, he's mad because I caught his ass out there and he didn't see it coming.
by Southside1 April 06, 2008
53 34
n. Someone who acts really stupid, or does some kind of dumb move that causes others to think that s/he is a dumbass
Man trips and falls over nothing
Man 2: Bruh, you're a bitchassnigga
by CPATT April 12, 2009
28 13
Random Insult to people who piss you off.
you bitch ass nigga, get out the road!
by Big NWC October 08, 2005
67 55