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n. A fantastic creature that is the symbol of the Ordre du Vénéré Bitard, a student association of University of Poitiers in France, created during the 1920s. Members of the student group also refer to themselves as bitards, and at times wear uniforms colored according to their rank in the organization.

NOTE: Although a previous UD definition says that this means "bisexual retard," that is a common misconception.
University of Poitiers Student: Salut! ¿Voulez-vous joindre à l'Ordre du Vénéré Bitard? Vous pouvez porter une cape.

US Transfer Student: Um, let me look that up in my French dictionary. I'm not sure I want to be a bitard.
#fantastic #france #french #student #college #bitard #university
by DireClown June 29, 2011
bisexualy retard?...hmm i dont really know what this word means...but its funny
shut up you stupid bitard
by orange January 19, 2004
A "straight" person who is Bi-curious, but who is afraid, and/or has no clue how to go about having a same sex experience. (Also bi-tarded) Usually this person has an unusual amount of gay, and lesbian friends and is often the only "straight" person in a group.
My friend Tiffany is so beautiful. I think about kissing her all the time. But I've never kissed a girl before and I'm nervous. I'm afraid to do anything about these feelings so I don't do anything. I am such a bi-tard.
#bi-curious #gay #lesbian #retard #bisexual
by _Nic_ December 15, 2007
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