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A word used to describe something quite small, or in a meaningless quantity.
"That makes me sad just a bit-bit."

"Britney Spears dog is called bit-bit. It therefore must be small."
by Mercury May 11, 2005
A little girl. Can be a whore, can be really ghetto, can be really cute. It is a real toss up, she seems to be a bit of everything!
That boochen bit bit is such a catch look at all the tricks she can flip.
by Whatevah! December 14, 2009
The tiny, rat-like chihuahua of Britney Spears, often seen attached to Britney's arm.
Britney only got Bit Bit because she saw how popular Tinkerbell Hilton is.
by Barbra O'Reilly March 31, 2005