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Slapping someone in the face with your dick. The epitome of humiliation.
Shut up before I bismark you, bitch.
by The King of Bleh July 01, 2004
After recieving oral sex, a male will pull his penis to one side and release using hip movement to strike the female on the cheek. If properly executed the resulting red mark is known as a bismark.
Denise is such a whore. I gave her a bismark last night and she loved it.
by Joe November 16, 2003
To Slap someone round the face with an erect penis.
The black man bismarked sophie and she died.
by ultra-penis May 06, 2008
1. A pleasant, if boring, city in North Dakota
2. The resulting red mark on a girl's face after she is slapped by a penis
1. The people in Bismark were nice, but I left because I was bored out of my mind.
2. Haley came out of Mike's dorm with a bismark.
by oscar wilde February 14, 2005
Hollywood Tour Bus that sinks the original bowel movement.

Double Decker
Hollywood Tour Bus
It was no surprise that Steve's Hollywood Tour Bus sank Shannons duece. It was a complete Bismark.
by Frank the Tank 5 August 06, 2011
generally vague, usually involving extremely rough sex, coined after the notorious otto von bismarck orchastrated his reign of terror in eastern europe
after he bismarked her she was all torn up
by Fancy Henderson May 23, 2003
A battleship, or that German dude with a pointy hat.
Uh oh run from the Bismark!
by dehidral767 July 19, 2005
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