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a Mexican with a hard accent who just came from Mexico and lives in America as if they were still in Mexico, can be used to insult a Mexican
Juan: Are you bisa?
Manny: ¿Que? ¿Que es bisa?
by Louie XIX Reyes November 18, 2005
often a girl, usually sexy,(if not sexy then cute) bitchy when insecure,narcissistc,over dramtic, but lots of fun to hang out with hangs with a select group not because they are snobby but because they have trust issues. If you want to know them better you should once your friends they are probably fun.
note: if guy might have issues becuase he has a girl name
Bisa's have at least 3 of the following:
1) girl with high heels on laughing with her friends
2) snobby girl you dont like but for some reason others do
3) girl who looks like a bitch and is loud
4) never seen her cry in public
5) breaks out into song/dance
6) protective of friends
(note: someone can be a bisa without having the name)
by jazzydef December 01, 2009
1. unreliabler than the unreliablest
2. unreliable
3. also uBISA! to descibe a person
dayem u biSA!
mann that ubisaaa
by not eckie October 27, 2003
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