Specially marketed Pez candy. Although the 3rd world country Pez works better to stop pregnancys
I need more birth control mom, my Captain Kirk Despencer is out.

This Birth Control tastes like elephant
by DJ_Cale March 26, 2007
the act of using an alias for a one night stand
by h3l1x December 31, 2002
A term used to describe something/someone ugly. Can be used to describe a person's face, clothes, or personality.
Jack: Wow, her clothes are major birth control.

Jerry: Yeah so is her face.
by Jennaftw November 21, 2009
1.) The most horrific thing you could ever find out that your girlfriend was on before you met her if she is your first bareback. The single handed most mentally destructive piece of information a man could ever permanantly burden himself with.

2.) The biggest cause of retroactive jealousy and primal rage known in existence.
Me : Dude my gf told me she was on birth control with her last two extremely long term bfs before I met her, now my mind is plagued with thoughts of semen gushing out of her snatch every time I get near it.

Bystander : dump that cum dumpster?
by poortourcheredsoul October 06, 2010

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