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1) To spend as little as possible on a female at a club or bar. 2) To buy a girl nothing but still expect her to sleep with you.


(Created by The Czar)
"Man, I have no cash...tonight I gotta bird-feed these hoes."

"That hoe bought me 10 drinks, but I was bird-feeding her ass all night."

"I've been goin out with Betsy for two weeks and haven't bought her shit yet...that hoe just got bird-fed"
by Brennan G May 08, 2007
Cheap alcohol purchased solely to give away to people that are only friends with people for their alcohol. You usually only hear from them Friday or Saturday nights once their own is gone.
bird feed equals Vlad or nikolai
by enternamehereplease April 18, 2010
It's when a guy is fucking a girl and when he has to cum and nuts on her stomach then slurps it up then gives her a french kiss.
I bird fed your mom last night.birdfeed
by rob4q2 August 07, 2006
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