An annoyingly stupid and shallow person.
Sheila is such a birdbrain, she is always forgetting where her keys are.
by Supercords June 06, 2012
Top Definition
Mildly insulting phrase denotes silly behaviour, actions or thoughts usually attributed to a child or immature person.
"Don't get angry at your little bro., he did not mean to pull your hair, he is a two-year old bird brain"
by Muyuna December 11, 2004
some one who is dumber than a rock.
antonio ran into a park car. lol he is such a damn bird brain.
by aymeryia March 04, 2009
really dumb and ugly males who scratch their testicles al day long and like to interact with other bird brains. Hobbies include xbox,shooting,talkin about xbox and talkin about shooting...NOW NOW NOW NOW
ur bird brain is acting like a bird brain..
ur bird brain is being stupid!!!
by non bird brain January 27, 2011
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