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The ongoing cycle of feeling both extremely high and extremely low for no substantial reason.
Dude, what's up with you lately?!
-Shutup! I mean, I dunno...I can't explain..
Seriously, I've had enough of your crazy ass!
-HEY! Once I get off this damn bipolarcoaster I'll be fine!
by Whitney W.W. May 15, 2008
High and low mood swings resulting in negative emotional relationship outcome.
I can't date you any longer, I have to get off of this bi-polarcoaster!
by Nonokee September 07, 2013
When you or someone you know is in a relationship where one or the other experiences extreme emotional highs and lows on pretty much a dialy basis.
Derek's girlfriend is freaking out agian, he can't come tonight he is riding the bi polar coaster.

His ex rode the bi polar coaster all the way to crazyville
by Ze-Berger October 28, 2009
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