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4 definitions by Blicka

A symbol representing a biological hazard is around, take extreme precautions to this sign, area's may be contaminated...
My tattoo is a biohazard symbol.
by Blicka January 01, 2006
A nasal decongestant, also used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, and methcathinone. Sold in OTC meds,
It is illegal to buy pseudo-ephedrine in mass quantities in the US.
by Blicka February 15, 2006
The presidents airplane.
The president is stepping in the Airforce 1.
by Blicka January 08, 2006
Cocaine, often used to cook with baking soda into crack-cocaine
Me and my boys been cookin down the clientele
by Blicka January 18, 2006