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Something which is ounched in, usually over the internet.
ScheisseGern no offense or nothing but 1 day id love to fuken walk up to and ounch your binrat in so much ur head would be poping out of ur arse,downy.
by jre February 23, 2006
A military supply technician who works in containerized supply warehouses.
get the bin rat to grab me some new socks today
by douggiethesluggy April 08, 2009
Someone of suspicious character, questionable morals and low-no care for physical appearance and general personal hygiene accompanied by an inflated but unjustified sense of self worth. Possibly reproducing and in turn, discrediting Darwin's theory of evolution.
Hey - that kid with no front teeth over there looks like a bin rat.
by la_Trent_lalalala March 28, 2010
Chicks who don't have their licences or minta cars so they just think they're the **** riding round with guys who have both of the aformentioned. Usually of the skank/chav variety, who think their binrats are great and buy them cigarettes and cheap alcohol, most likely in payment for sex.
"Dude look at that phat Rota!" "Yeah shame about the binrats in the back!"
by Ben, Ju, Jonnay and Bubba February 22, 2008
Navy term for supply personnel
Tell the binrats that I don't believe them, I know we still have some peanut butter on board.
by jeff.h January 13, 2009

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