Top Definition
Someone who is very special and amazing.
Let's go see Binny. She's the coolest.
by backseat April 29, 2005
a name of a princess who loves cuddly toys and chocolate
binny is an example of perfection
by binita December 17, 2006
The most ambitious person in the World
Have you seen Binny perform today? She was amazing!!
by She's the one April 29, 2011
A guy who forces people to drink their own cum. He then rapes them.
It is commonly used to describe someone who is unreasonably cruel.
That guy was a real Binny last night.
by This is annoying September 08, 2014
Someone who sucks only the dicks of guys named Tony.
That hot little binny gave me the best blowjob ever.
by BroZack December 15, 2009
A bin which has two wheels on the bottom to make it portable. They are ideal for bin riding, bin diving and bin tackling.
Albury jumped in the binny and rode it into a bush
by ronny irani January 22, 2004
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