A often blonde dyed, stupid girl, who acts like she's five but is still 'popular'. They were more than average make up, and a heck lot of brown cream. They are often white sluts and are a bit more than average (that's one type) though some may be poor.

Fjortis (Plural, more of them) Fjortisar
In Sweden there is a sub-genre for Bimbo's, Fjortis which is almost the same, though that they do not like themselves being called bimboes. Their clothes can vary from somewhat casual-looking clothes to sporty-adidas shirts, but they really don't play any sport... They just like the clothes. In Sweden though, some of the Fjortisar are Arabs, which are a bit less and act more 'bitchy' which in itself is a subgenre from fjortisar.

Bimboes usually only hangout with eachother, and all do the same things as eachother. They usually all likes 3-4 guys and no-one else but them. And when they brake up the girls says something which is as stupid and unlogical as creationism: "I ALWAYS HATED YOU ANYWAYS, OH WAIT IM GONNA SOOO TELL YOUR SECRET NOW, ABOUT HOW YOU STILL USE DIAPERS!!". Unfortunately, this isn't true. Either way he did tell her a secret, but usually, these bitchy bimboes just make up lies. In some cases, the bimbo just changes subject to make the victim feel more unsure. So she says:
Bimbo: Oh and remember you are in love with Tinisa and you bought a star wars comic!!
Joe: We aren't even talking about that, we were talking about that I accidentally bumped into you. And you got pissed.
Bimbo: Don't tell me what to doeee, bitch! And you watched My litte pony I saw it!!
Joe: I am not going anywhere, it's not possible to talk to someone less than 20 IQ. -_-

Fjortis example:

And that keeps going on forever, when a girl says her picture on Facebook is ugly and then that's the response... lol
by TheWordmaster May 10, 2012
Top Definition
A girl who is stupid, wears lots of make up and is obsessed with boys and clothes. Generally blonde but there are exceptions. Usually hang around i with other bimbos. You can spot them because they will be the big group of girls that all look the same and are giggling hysterically.
Oh no! I broke a nail! This is awful!
You're such a bimbo.
by The Wolf April 14, 2004
Woman who is not attractive enough to be a model, not intelligent enough to be an actress, and not nice enough to be a poisonous snake.
Cody is a bimbo, despite his wannabe male appearance.
by HSIA April 09, 2004
1. A very stupid woman; an airhead
That bimbo asked how much a free sample costs!
by Gary Destruction June 10, 2003
A bimbo means two things as far as I am concerned...
1. A stupid, egotistic blonde, usually with big breasts who wears shit loads of make up. she also has lots of friends that look exactly like her. soooo unoriginal.
2. A bread brand that i discovered on holiday in spain...can also be found in south america, I believe...
1. Girl 1: Hey look at that bimbo and all her cronies. Oh look its Britney!
Girl 2: Thats not Britney, thats Karen.
Girl 1: oh yeah. they all look the same so its hard to tell.

2. (in spanish) hey ma! im going out to get some bimbo!
by Sophie Burch October 24, 2005
female, pretty, stupid, dumb. usually vain and egoistic.
Melody from Josie and the Pussycats is such a bimbo!
by Ze August 21, 2003
A woman, typically between the ages of 16 and 39, who wears makeup, owns a cell phone, weighs less than 150 lbs, and doesn't care how clueless her boyfriend is as long as he's "hot".
Hey, look at that bimbo over there... she would look so much better with my sperm dripping down her face.
by VonZippa June 02, 2004
A woman usually blonde, rich and pretty but that's about it- obsessed with shopping and usually isn't very bright.
My own mother is a bimbo! The stories I could tell you!
by i dunno? May 26, 2005
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