A former manager of the New York Yankees. Martin was hired and fired five times throughout his career. He was killed in a car accident shortly before he was to be hired as manager for a sixth time.
"All I know is, I pass people on the street these days, and they don't know whether to say hello or to say good-bye." - Billy Martin
by David Green July 30, 2004
Top Definition
The term "Billy Martin" was used by Daniel Ocean in the movie Ocean's 13. It refers to baseball player Billy Martin, fired then rehired by Steinbrenner a couple times.

It means giving a second chance.
"We're gonna give Banks a Billy Martin"
by Ilia O. June 15, 2007
Another chance. Billy Martin was a manager hired and fired and than hired and fired by the Yankees.
In Ocean's 13, they tried to offer Bank a Billy Martin or a chance to redeem himself
by Jared Obie January 12, 2008
Interesting, super-sly, totally real! Billy is a really great guy who is everything anyone could want, he's not perfect, but we all know he's close!!!
The coolest vegitarian to ever rome the earth.
by Addy February 26, 2004
Hot. Sexy. Sweet. Hot. Cute. Amazing. billy Martin is 22 years old, he has amazing blue eyes. He plays for the band, Good Charlotte, he is amazingly hot. He has a perfect smile, even though seeing him smile is pretty rare. I love Billy Martin aswell as millions of other girls out there. Love ya Billy!
Billy Martin is the sexiest man alive.
by Jimena Gereda August 13, 2003
(Also known as William Dean Martin).

The gorgeous lead guitarist of the popular punk-rock band Good Charlotte. He ia currently 23 years of age, and is dating high school sweetie, Linzi. He just came out with his own custom PRS guitar, called the Billy Martin SE, and co-wrote two songs on Good Charlotte's "The Chronicles of Life and Death" (Ghost of You and Mountain).
There is nothing that I can put here to make you see the perfect-ness that is Billy Martin.
by Emily (The GC Fan) November 27, 2004
Billy Martin of Good Charlotte. You need a definition?! (hot, cool, sweet, amazing, talented.......etc.)
None found. He's one of a kind.
by kel March 17, 2004
a talented guitarist of good charlotte. he's really creative, who even has his own clothing line called LeVel 27. He also designed most of the logos on GC's merch. Not only is he artistic but he has a great passion for music(including his fave band silverchair), playing video games, and drawing cartoons. Best of all he loves animals! keke.
by em September 05, 2003

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