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Is a town in the north east of england situated next to middlesbrough and stockton-on-tees. The average billingham inhabbitant is a chav unfotunatly. If you fancy a little walk to the shop your not going to get a nice walk your going to get harrased by a tracky wearing waste of space. If your lucky you dont get verbelly abused or even spat on when walking past an off licence. Bilingham campus is largely the maker of all these chavs. Billingham town centre needs burning down the biggest thing there is woolworths need i say more. If you enter the Asda in the town centre(there is no other asda) you will feel like a sardine its so small. the one thing in the town that has potential is the forum (a leisure centre) but of course to make our town more shite they are going to knock that down. But hey atleast we have parmos. Billingham hosts the forclore festival every year in summer but its getting smaller and smaller each year so it wont last long because the counsil wont give much money towards it. COME ON BORO. IM A PROUD SMOGGY
Billingham is home to chavs FIN................
by Kathryn Evans August 24, 2007

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