Music charts, or place where advertisment is displayed.
Muh nu album iz numba one on da billboard chartz!! thanks to an add on tha billbaord!
by jizzo July 09, 2003
Another method of brainwashing the public with corporate propagand, covered with propaganda patterned wallpaper and stuck on with paste.
I saw this billboard the other day, and the advert on it told me to watch the news channel, so i did. Dunno why though...
by Mad Vlad July 06, 2003
an item used to post crappy ads on and pollute our minds. except for the Tide ones, cuz they're cool.
That Tide billlboard is awesome!
by alana July 03, 2003
a large board on the side of a road used to advertise products or services on; signs are usually glued on in pieces
by Paul Thundergod July 03, 2003
Large distraction of metal and wallpaper, placed on the side of major highways, used mainly to advertise fast-food restaraunts and, in the southern states, Gentlemens Clubs.
Honey, the kids are hungry. Let's stop at Southern X-posure; it looked cozy on the billboard.
by Nitza July 06, 2003

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