A big board where worthless information is located.
"Oh look, they buy ugly houses."
by Tasty Snax July 03, 2003
Sign on the side of the road. Music chart with the weeks top songs.
Im listening to the billboard top 100 list!!
by Razor July 07, 2003
A big rectangular structure used for brainwashing people into purchasing a product they would otherwise forego.
The company was advertising its crappy products on a billboard.
by Dr Ploppy July 03, 2003
something thats good or nang
"you go to the club last night?" "yeah, the girls there were billboard"
by Eric Sanders February 23, 2008
An advertisement designed to distract people on the highway and cause accidents
All I did was turn my head to see the Victoria's Secret billboard, and the next thing I know there's a Miata under my front axle
by Duke July 10, 2003
a sign where you put up ads and then ppl spray paint letters on them like fo shizzle
whoa look at that hot girl on the billboard! what?! CCRRRAASSSSHH
by spo bop a dooby July 05, 2003
to make a fact about oneself evident no matter how true it is (most likely to look and feel cool)
"she was billboarding the fact that she does drugs in front of the homies"
by kate July 02, 2003

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