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Front row at a stripper bar.
We always goto the sniffer row at the bar, it's the best.
by hackaxle November 01, 2003
To be all over the road
Driving really drunk, using both lanes thats suburban swervin
by hackaxle March 09, 2006
Those with gold make the rule.
Whoever is usually in charge usually makes the most, and the rules.
by hackaxle April 04, 2004
Ruthless savage attacking all females. Takes all challenges regardless of size or age. Has no shame and finds his task glorious.
When the gladiator walks into the arena (party or bar full of females) he is on the prowl.
Dude did you see that land beast John nailed last night? Yeah what a gladiator!
by hackaxle April 30, 2008
Universal term to promote something fun or to make humorous.
Want to play volleyball? Smishsmash!
I'm going to nail that chick. Smishsmash!
That sexy chick is a smishsmash!
Man I just failed that test. Smishsmash!
Man I railed that fatty! Smishsmash!
Man we smoked a fatty. Smishsmash!
by hackaxle April 30, 2008
Large sign of notice, usually a sales pitch.
God Saves.
by hackaxle July 10, 2003

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